Lori is an AI system that helps people build confidence in their ability to take care of plants in their home by customizing the experience based on their lifestyle, preferences, and home environment. 

Cognizant, a business and technology solutions corporation, asked our class, Tools for UX Design, to explore how artificial intelligence will shape our experiences in the areas of wellness, living and mobility. 


My team, Kazumi Kanagawa and Angela Zhongmin Xie, researched into the benefits of artificial intelligence on wellness in the home.

My role was largely in concept development, user research, storyboarding, and designing the physical products. We all worked together to execute each phase of research and execution.

Download our project PDF here.

Early stages of storyboarding our service. 

Early stages of storyboarding our service. 


A Digital and Physical System


Lori the Robot

The robot was designed to be small enough in scale to be hand held and navigate ordinary obstacles in the home. The form was intended to be subtle and approachable, not attracting much attention while it is active. 


Soil Sensor 

The soil sensor was designed to mimic paper tabs that accompany plants in nurseries in order to identify the type of plant. It sits above the soil so the user can easily locate and remove it if there are any malfunctions or they decide to disable the service.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.50.48 PM.png

Mobile Application

The mobile app lets the user see all of their data and the recommendations that Lori makes for them. The mobile app communicates with the user and learns about what kind of care taking schedule is best for their lifestyle.



The user determines their level of commitment and how much information that they would like to share with the system.



Lori recommends several options for the user based on the data that they chose to share. The recommendations are also based on the data that Lori collects while traveling around the user's home.



The user chooses the best type of plant that Lori recommends for schedule and home environment and registers the plant that they ultimately buy. 


Daily Notifications

Lori notifies the user at convenient times in their schedule to create the optimal care taking schedule and relationship with their plant. 



Storytelling to build our service and the narrative

We started using lucid chart to map the interactions that would take place throughout the services lifecycle in the user's home. This helped us understand where the holes were in the system as well as help us create a story that highlights all of the services features. 


Connected Data Builds a Custom Experience

We mapped out the interactions that the user has with the bot, mobile app and their plant. This map includes the halos (set or grouping) of data that are built around each stakeholder.